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Dec. 9-12, 2023 | Potential Winter Storm


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Well what the hell. GFS has been showing a possible storm for several runs now. GGEM does have a weaker and quicker storm. Euro at the end of the run appears to have something big brewing. Gives us something to track anyway.




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  • The title was changed to Dec. 9-12, 2023 | Potential Winter Storm
21 hours ago, Hoosier said:

Storm is cutting off at end of Euro run.  Would hope that it maintains enough cold air as it comes east.  But this is way out anyway.

GFS has it cut off on the last 3 runs. If this is any indication of how this winter will go, i say we just skip right to spring.

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58 minutes ago, snowlover2 said:

This is getting kinda interesting with models suggesting the energy going neg tilt in the E OH Valley/Apps area.

We might as well start kneeling to our emerging AI overlords.  So here's what they are saying.







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I looked at the SLP charts for 4 AI models MJ posted for Monday Dec 11th.  Here's a rough summary.

FourCast, AIFS and Pangu:  Pretty much an Apps runner going negative tilt over the NE.

GraphCast:  Up the EC.

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