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  1. Houston: The land where 1 in 500 year rain storms hit every year.
  2. Microwave imagery suggests open eye to the south. Seems like she's moving so fast, she's not even stirring up any cooler water.
  3. This is as of a couple hours ago. It appears that it may be going through an EWR, but if so, it's not really disrupting the core.
  4. I can't easily make gifs from this site. But I think this is the best shot available anywhere. You can always alter the #of frames to display in the url to make it longer. I have it set to 60., one hour. https://rammb.cira.colostate.edu/ramsdis/online/loop.asp?data_folder=goes-16/mesoscale_01_band_02_sector_05&width=1000&height=1000&number_of_images_to_display=60&loop_speed_ms=80
  5. Added in a touch of IR to get a sense of cloud temps.
  6. Damn, KP was briefly at 8 yesterday, but during the day.
  7. Updated NRL website has added much more satellite data. https://www.nrlmry.navy.mil/tcweb/active/?
  8. Reading that there was a CME directed at Earth. June 4 arrival, but I'll be checking the night before as well.
  9. Another X1 flare, this one may have had a small CME.
  10. New moon on the 7th. We've have a couple X class flares the last day or so, though not sure any CME were associated. Hoping for some more action the next few days while that sunspot group is pointing at earth.
  11. Not even on the visible disc, and old 3664 registered an X2.8.
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