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  1. We’ll be expecting a new avatar drawing tomorrow.
  2. Yeah, a lot directly overhead here.
  3. Cool stuff. ( Ignore my pressure washer pic, lol.)
  4. I don’t know if anyone posted this yet, but that “thingy” on the bottom was/is technically called a “prominence”, not a solar flare. https://qz.com/2024-total-solar-eclipse-bright-red-dots-1851397840 If you don’t want to read the entire article…. Prominences, unlike solar flares, are anchored to the Sun’s surface in the photosphere, extending outward into the corona. By contrast, solar flares rip themselves from the star’s surface, propelled by intense magnetic activity. Prominences, also known as filaments, take about a day to form and can last for several months. They’re also massive, looping hundreds of thousands of miles into space.
  5. What to do with your eclipse glasses… https://time.com/6964871/solar-eclipse-glasses-donate-2024/
  6. My thoughts/observations: It was like Christmas morning, so much preparation and anticipation then its over rather quickly....but you don't want to miss it. The sun is actually pretty "small" when its high in the sky. It didn't get as dark as I expected but a couple planets still visible. Turnpike traffic wasn't too bad other than a couple lengthy 20mph slowdowns in construction zones. (Maybe because I was in the middle of the totality zone the whole 35 mile trip.) Is "post-eclipse let-down" a thing?? What else you folks got????
  7. I tried taking a pic every 10 minutes or so. Here’s a screenshot of them after I transferred to my phone.
  8. On site in Medina OH (just west of Akron). A few patchy clouds but nothing to worry about. Could have stayed home but decided yesterday to “go west”. By traveling, I’ll get to experience a little more of the, um, total (eclipse) experience. Plus I gained 11 seconds of totality. Traffic on the Turnpike was just a little heavier than normal, but certainly more out of state plates, primarily PA & MD. All in all after all the cruddy weather, it’s certainly a splendid day here in N OH. Happy viewing.
  9. I'm sure many of you remember the "double rainbow" video. Maybe MJ might be the viral sensation, this time with the eclipse. 😉
  10. It's E-day!!! Good luck viewers. 3Z SREF, mean of last two runs. Big difference between Cloud Cover and Cloud Thickness.
  11. For the N OH gang, CLE put out an off-hour eclipse/cloud update at 7PM.
  12. Actual vs current HRRR vs 5 hrs earlier. Moving faster than modeled???
  13. Been hitting refresh all day, but still no invite from @Mainiac or @MaineJay so gonna have to go to Plan B. Going drive 30 miles west in the AM to improve my odds of reduced cloud cover. 15z SREF
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