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  1. Are you talking about the second possible line? I think it all depends how we rebound. Many models still show isolated but strong/severe cells in our area, but the derecho like line does appear further south.
  2. From my brother’s house in Cleveland!
  3. Yes, we’re safe.. sirens just randomly went off again for a minute. Someone must’ve pushed the wrong button lol.
  4. Never a good thing when the met on tv says there’s rotation on your street. 🤪
  5. Looks to be weakening in the middle of the state.. I think?
  6. This is like watching sharks approach while swimming in chummed water. Ugh.
  7. That's worrisome that it's already so high in the Day 4-6 range.
  8. And again.. insane hail. What is with this year?
  9. The severe-warned by Troy has 1.25"-1.5" hail.
  10. Looks like a targeting system. Yikes!
  11. I've been watching, too. I feel like Ohio is now in Tornado Alley. 😞
  12. The tornado risk for today seems to have shifted much further East/South (not seeing much threat to most of our subforum area).. guessing because of all-day rain.
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