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  1. Storm would have some incredible pictures if it were daytime
  2. I feel you there, my wife had to fly out for work Monday, I was heartbroken for her and not getting to experience it together, then having to see and hear me talk about it for the next 21 years. Part of the reason for the type of footage I took
  3. ugh I'm still struggling to move on, I have so much work to catch up on from the build up yesterday and during but finding it hard to refocus, what it truly means to "let all the stresses of life go" for a little bit of time
  4. Just realized I forgot I had to make the post public 🙃
  5. I really just have no words, I'm still getting waterworks just rewatching this raw video i put together, pure amateur shaky footage, but it's real and will never be forgotten. It's hard to comprehend https://www.facebook.com/share/v/23n3tXBSyuXhXb5M/?mibextid=oFDknk
  6. very high clouds overtaking the state, but should be very minimal impact to viewing
  7. a 3 minute cloud break at just the right time could make up for it
  8. This is from a local MET on the difference between 99% and totality, so don't let anyone tell you "oh it's fine were close"
  9. This is what makes me ecstatic to live in the path of totality in the confines of my own property 😄, the weather waffling is maddening though
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