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January 24-25, 2023 | Plains/MW/GL/OV Winter Storm


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First impression is this looks very similar to the December blizzard. Subtropical system in the southeast with all the moisture, Arctic low bringing the cold near Minnesota, and a glorified cold front in the middle. Tough to say the result will be the same, but the lakes are still ice free so I'm struggling to buy a substantially farther south storm system.


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30 minutes ago, Ohiobuckeye45 said:

This is as close as it got, the euro has a substantially further SE pattern in general due to its variations on how strong the SE ridge is

prateptype_cat_ecmwf-imp.conus (1).png

It could be worth remembering that the December blizzard was first advertised as a major east coast storm. It's uncanny how similar this Euro run was to those earlier solutions for the December storm. This makes me want to ignore all the east coast solutions and instead focus on the GLC solutions ... quite a few 980s and even a couple 970s in there. EDIT: also some signal for a ~1040 mb ridge near Montana suggesting an impressive pressure gradient but not quite on the same level as the December storm. 


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