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November 12th - 13th, 2022 | Winter Intro OV/MW/GL


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15 minutes ago, Grace said:

Doubtful. Slushy accumulation on grass. 

Thx. Took a new job 2 months ago and now instead of just plowing I'm actually in charge of snow and ice for public roads so I have a new perspective this winter especially on these minor nuisance events.

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2 hours ago, Wnwniner said:

Will roadways freeze enough for any accumulations? Bridges?


the recent warmth has been insanity, grass was still growing at a decent clip this week for this time of year which means ground temps still in the 50s. This upcoming week will go a long way to at least bringing them down to normalcy for this time of year and any future events 

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6 minutes ago, OSUWx2 said:

Going to the OSU game tomorrow, would be fun to see some snow fall during. 

On the other hand, this team performs terribly in any adverse conditions 🫣

Snow is better than 50+ mph winds. Stroud should have no problems throwing the ball.

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