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November 14 - 16, 2022 | Winter Storm: OV/MW/GL


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Signals of a potential winter storm have been there for a few days. Tonight's 0z GFS & CMS both have some type of winter storm. It's still a week away but is something to watch & potentially track. 


GFS has a much better phased system that could produce a good wet snow thump for someone if that type of solution pans out. 







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  • The title was changed to November 15 - 17, 2022 | Winter Storm: OV/MW/GL

Wow, I was really caught off guard with this potential. With the above average departures lately it's been easy to forget that next week is mid-November. Think most of us will be reminded of that fact come this time next week.

Super excited to see what this winter brings though! I feel like with tomorrow's/Friday upper Plains storm and this threat we're beginning to see the start of the step down process into winter. But the fact that we're still seeing tremendous pushes of warm masses from the Southeast has me skeptical of this threat. 

Regardless, this is a big push forward on the beginning of Winter 2022-23!

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