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What’s on? The TV thread


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Currently just finished up Peacemaker, it was amazing, great job By James Gunn and Taylor Sheridan. 

Speaking of Sheridan, 1883 is fantastic and urge anyone to watch it.  Not a Yellowstone fan but you don’t need to watch Yellowstone to enjoy 1883.


Just started the new Ben stiller directed show “Severance” with Adam Scott and John turturro, so far it’s creepy and quite enjoyabke

what are you watching? 

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17 hours ago, BuckeyeGal said:

Just finished Witcher, now on Wheel of Time. Also watching All American and This is Us.

We started Witcher for a short while then gave up on it.


We are anxiously awaiting the last season of 'Ozark' on Netflix.

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4 minutes ago, BuckeyeGal said:

I did, too, when I first tried it.. stuck with it and it got really good!

I meant to ask that if it "got better".  I think I made it through 2 or 3 episodes.   Maybe I'll try watching again, thanks!

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