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March 1-4, 2022 | Double Clippahs


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Looking at the next possible systems to move through.  Out appears we may have a couple systems in close succession, just a couple days separating the two.  As currently modeled, these aren't looking like anything huge, but clipper #2 does seem to show a bit more promise.  

26/12z GFS for illustration


The flow is still zipping right along, so any amplification will be difficult to achieve.  In the event that system #2 shows more promise, we can split that into our own thread, and this can be for the more near term clipper. 

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2 hours ago, Undertakerson2.0 said:

Pathetically, the 4+", verbatim, would be close to my region's top snow event of the entire season. 

A surprise 5" from the mid Jan clipper here rivals the weekend before it when we had that snow to slop event that tracked right up 15. I miss decent clippers. Seems like a rarity.

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  • The title was changed to March 1-4, 2022 | Double Clippahs
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On and off snow/Graupel at Okemo most of the day.  On and off on the trip from Ludlow to Bennington. Enjoying an early dinner and brew at Madison. Strange being here during the day. 

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Started as graupel and 35F in Ludlow, stayed that way through Manchester and into Bennington.  Left Bennington around 530-6, still light out, headed south down 7 into Mass when the temp dropped and these big flakes started falling. Hit Pittsfield and the temp was 32 and snowing pretty good.  Got down to Lee, still snowing, kinda growing tired of it.  Side streets covered, main road wet.  Temp 31.  All the way down route 8 it snowed.  Hit the CT line and it magically bumped to 33 and wet flakes, then quickly to rain.  Got as high as 38 in Waterbury before going back to 35 in Newtown. Have .11" in the bucket from it.  

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