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January 18-19, 2023 | Severe Weather


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This is starting to get pretty ridiculous for January, but here we go again with the next system likely bringing another round of severe weather to the south/gulf coast. Day 5 slight risk is up.


SPC also mentions potential for yet another system after that, so the active pattern looks to continue for a while.

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Seeing quite a bit of talk about cold core tornadoes in the Midwest. Caveat has been that we're outside of the season where it tends to happen, but we have not been experiencing a typical January.


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23 minutes ago, Iceresistance said:


I can't confirm this, but there is a debris ball-like signature with a tighter couplet on the Supercell near Pine Bluff, AR

The key to debris signatures is to see if very low CC values (<75) are located with a velocity signature. What you're seeing is CC values that have been dropped by the radar beam being partially blocked by the heavy rain core of the FFD. When the radar tries to trick me like this, I try to think about where the radar beam is coming from and if the heavy rain or hail could be blocking the beam. This was a pretty good case of it.

This is an extreme example of it, but I'm doing midnight shifts this week so I'm really tired so a picture is probably better than my words right now.

Upgrading weather radar measurements to improve flash flood warnings |  Weather and Climate @ Reading

Source: https://blogs.reading.ac.uk/weather-and-climate-at-reading/2014/upgrading-weather-radar-measurements-to-improve-flash-flood-warnings/

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Things have gotten “slightly” more interesting up here in my neck of the woods for Thursday afternoon. Local Mets talking more about cold air funnels than brief/weak tornado threat mentioned by SPC in its update. 

Other threads are sharing potential snow maps for next week, and I’m all like, “ooh…January funnels!”


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