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  1. Will be interesting to see what the reports look like once all is said and done. Pretty big overlap of areas that had 2 rounds of severe storms today.
  2. Truly awful when a long-lived supercell producing strong tornado(es) is followed up by a severe MCS
  3. Gotta say, NWS Paducah is doing a great job with these warnings. Keep the PDS warnings going while issuing the short-fused emergencies as needed. Never want to overdo warnings, but especially not emergencies.
  4. Dryline has pushed through here. Quite the contrast from west to east.
  5. Tomorrow may be the opposite limitations of 5/6... May 6, it seemed pretty clear leading up to the event that there may be an issue that too many storms will develop along the boundary that they won't be able to tap into the extreme environment. Tomorrow, it seems like the question is, will storms be able to develop and tap into the extreme environment? And how many storms will develop? Interesting how the opposite ends of May introduces different questions.
  6. And whoooosh goes the dryline. Went from 95/36 this afternoon to 66/57 now. The wonders of southeasterly winds.
  7. 2 supercells in eastern NM with 75+ dBz cores... SPC mesoanalysis suggests there's only 1000-1500 MUCAPE. (they're both severe warned, just turned warnings off for the screen capture)
  8. They sent me a video of the rain and thunder they're experiencing... I miss that 😭 Amarillo is not good for casual rain/thunder systems. It's all or nothing here.
  9. Embedded supercell within a bow echo approaching where my parents are staying. They're just outside of the tornado warning but called them to take them up to take shelter just in case.
  10. Not only is there the strong tornado in NE AL, got a discrete warm sector supercell in NE AR in quite a favorable environment.
  11. My parents are camping around where I have the red square. They couldn't have picked a better spot to have storms come to them. Sounds like they're gonna stay in a hotel tonight.
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