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  1. An App called Astrospheric is a free download that I use for planning my telescope viewing nights. You can check it out for Android. Not sure if Zuckerberg has it.
  2. Obligatory grille post. About 1/4 inch through 7 PM.
  3. Some on and off Snow showers and even Graupel here in Harleigh near Hazleton.
  4. Cold air appears to be arriving late to the party for the eastern half of Pa.
  5. Der Bingle is speculating on this. AFD listed below. More about low pressure placement and timing than anything. Let's see what happens.
  6. I was in OCMD celebrating my 1st Anniversary, with my wife. She was about 3 months pregnant. Took us 12 hours to get back to Hazleton, as the further north we drove the deeper the Snow. Crazy fun times. Drove to Norristown - almost a foot. 23 was one of the roads open. Came across then up 72 to Lebanon. 81 was closed. Could have used a cellphone for information, but alas, I digress. Shot back across 78 to 309, which had just opened up. I was a trailblazer. Followed a plow up and over Blue Mountain to Tamaqua, which probably had 2 1/2 feet. Finally got home before sunset and got stuck in the driveway as my wife fell out of the car. Our house was a year old and I had only a coal shovel. At least 4+ feet in drifts here in Harleigh. Road graders came through that evening. Took me over 4 hours to get things open. Fun times indeed. Thank God schools shut down for the week, as I was a shop electives teacher.
  7. We're going to need a Clapper Tracker on this by Wednesday.
  8. Up in NEPA we call it onion Snow, and afterwards you can plant your onion sets......
  9. Looks like a nice shot of sustained marginal cold air keeping things white on today's 12z GFS for the UMA.
  10. Thanks for the update. I think many people will be surprised when waking up on Thursday morning to a mess of power outages and traffic issues, due to the wind and flash freeze.
  11. Just a skosh under 5 inches as an average measurement here in Harleigh, as measured by Steve T-Rex at about 9:40 AM. That last burst of bigger Snowflakes helped. Rawrz!! ~ Laz 🦖❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️📏😎
  12. Bigger Snowflakes now at 8:25 AM here in Harleigh near Hazleton tells me it's about to shut down. PXL_20240217_132617456.mp4~2.mp4
  13. I'd estimate between 3 to 3 1/2 inches here in Harleigh near Hazleton. That shed roof was bare yesterday. Definitely a fine, icy Snow and still coming down at 7:25 AM. Steve T-Rex will be out when it comes to a stop, but he may need ski goggles as those fine crystals may be like standing in a bead blaster when those winds kick in. 🥽🦖❄️📏
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