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Historic Snow & Ice Storms (link)


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I still Remember the Christmas Blizzard of 2009, I was in Springfield, MO visiting my Great-Grandparents when it struck. Took us around 15 hours to get home. (Many roads were closed, but we were Emergency Traffic trying to get home.)

The Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011 was also legendary, I was home when that happened.

Christmas Day Ice Storm of 2013 was insane, had to leave to Missouri 1 day ahead of schedule.

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More Recent Historic Storms:

2020 October Ice Storm, 1-2 INCHES of Ice, earliest Ice Storm Warning Ever Recorded

February 2021: The Extreme Cold & Snow, Temperatures fell to -22°F, with a Wind Chill down to -60°F, 2 Fierce snowstorms dumping 10 & 8 Inches of snow.

February 2022: More Winter Stuff, but remove the extreme cold, Managed to measure 12 inches of snow from the 1st storm in the Beginning of the Month, the end part was also crazy, with 1.5 inches of Sleet, & .25 to .5 inch of snow with a Glaze of Ice in between.

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