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2004 Pre Christmas Ohio Valley Winter Storm


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19 years ago was one of the biggest snowstorms that those of us especially west of I-71 have ever seen. I-71 and east had to deal with a major ice storm.  It kind of came in 2 parts. The first batch came in during the day of the 22nd with some accumulation. This batch lightened up but never fully stopped as the 2nd bigger/heavier batch moved in that night into the 23rd. There is an image below from ILN of the radar at the height of the storm. Yes that is all heavy snow in SW OH. I measured nearly 18 inches.

This is the write up from Wiki.

December 21–24, 2004, North American winter storm - Wikipedia

This is a snow map and snowfall reports from ILN.

December 23,2004 Winter Storm (weather.gov)

We seem to be well overdue for something like this to happen again.



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I lived just NE of Akron at the time.  I recorded about 7" of snow and some sleet before it changed to rain for while.  This fell atop existing snow then froze making quite a crusty snowy cover.  Warmer temps moved in about a week later...such is life in the temperate zone.

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