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  1. I'm up in @JDClapper neck of the woods today. Some wet snowfall in muncy
  2. 4.5 inches here Danville, PA. Well over expectations. Total for both events this week 10.5 inches. Woot!
  3. My old stomping grounds in Pittsburgh seem to be having a nice event. Cheers 🍻
  4. Yeah this one completely snuck up on me lol. Was paying no attention. Wrote this south until i happened to scroll through the gfs 500 run this morning and said wait a minute..then looked at the short ranges lol.
  5. That snowmelt was wild. Just getting out of work and id say upwards of 60-75% melted today. Clocked in this morning with 5.5 inches
  6. Danville, PA - clocking in at 5.5 inches of snow. Accumulating snowfall still occurring. May reach 6 inches before the backedge slips through very soon. Overall a nice surprise. Was expecting much less with the emotional turmoil of yesterday.
  7. 0z HRRR had 3, RAP 8, NAM 5 in regards to dropsondes data
  8. For sure. Its going to be a storm where its a wake up and see what the final product was. Those are sometimes nice regardless of which way it falls.
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